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Sponsorsessie Blackboard

  • Slot : 11:00 - 11:50
  • Titel : Driving student engagement by focusing on the student experience
  • Spreker :

    D. Peters

  • Organisatie : Blackboard
  • Sector : Alle sectoren
  • Werkvorm : Lange presentatie
  • Info inhoud :

    Today’s colleges and universities face multiple challenges as they position themselves for the future. As an organization, they face increasing competition, need to show improving results, keep students engaged, and leverage all IT investments to support new solution demand – all with tight budgets. At the same time, they face today’s student who leads a complex life. This complexity includes rising expectations about the level and quality of interaction they expect from colleges and universities – with a clear shift towards the use of mobile communication.

    Join us in this presentation to learn how Blackboard’s solutions can help colleges and universities with their student engagement. In this session, we will highlight how Blackboard’s solutions fit in the student engagement spectrum – from event-driven, on demand, to needs anticipated engagement – offering an integrated set of solutions that focus on the student experience.

D. Peters