NIOC 2011 Grenzeloos ICT Onderwijs

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Wiskunde binnen het Informatica-onderwijs

  • Slot : 14:00 - 14:50
  • Titel : MathDox, Interactive Mathematics in Education
  • Spreker :

    H. Cuypers / J. Knopper / R. Verrijzer

  • Organisatie : TUE
  • Sector : WO/HBO
  • Werkvorm : Korte presentatie
  • Info inhoud :

    MathDox is a system for presenting highly interactive mathematical documents over the World Wide Web. It provides easy connections to Computer Algebra Systems, dynamic geometry systems and other mathematical services. MathDox shows its potential when demonstrating the workings of an algorithm or explaining new concepts with dynamic on-screen calculations.

    Moreover, within MathDox we have developed an exercise system providing parameterized exercises to students and offering intelligent feedback. We will describe the MathDox-system, its applications and its use in education.

H. Cuypers